Selcon Recipe ?



Just curious if there is a homemade recipe for Selcon out there that I could use to make my own ?

If so please link.



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I think the recipes for products like Selco and Selcon are proprietary and not available, but there are a LOT of recipes out there for enrichment purposes.
IME, it's more trouble than it's worth and I no longer do it, choosing to use powders I buy from Algamac and Brine Shrimp Direct that don't have the storage drawbacks that the emulsions do.
Here is the formula I used to use.
Enrichment Page One
Enrichment Page Two
It should be noted, that hobbyist set ups CANNOT duplicate commercial operations and that hatch of the newly hatched nauplii is spread over a wider time line so that getting to the Instar II stage which is necessary for them to feed, (Instar I incomplete digestive tract) is longer such that you need to wait until they are approximately a day old (after hatchout) before enrichment begins. If your operation is cool water like my 68°F then even two days could be necessary.
IME, for nauplii in Instar II stage, 12 hours gives excellent gut loading, but two 12 hour stages with new water and new enrichment makes them gut loaded but they have additional nutrition because by then the enrichment has started to assimilate into their bodies.
As the artemia go through the molts to adult, the time for gut loading decreases so that adults can be gut loaded in about 4 hours.


I was targeting Selcon specifically since its the only known additive that has be proven to do "something" for specifically stomatopods.


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It may be that you only find Selcon as the enrichment used by hobbyists most of the time because it's often available in LFS's and most others are not.
Selco is also an emulsion enrichment and comes in a few different formulae depending on the needs.
Some Selco Products
I suspect Selcon is a repacked Selco product sold by American Marine.
Selco does have a powdered version DHA Protein Selco
I use Algamac Protein Plus and Algamac 3050.
Aquafauna's Algamac Products
I have been unable to find and of the proprietary recipes for any of these produces and doubt that they are available.


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I was targeting Selcon specifically since its the only known additive that has be proven to do "something" for specifically stomatopods.

Hey Kharn, what are the specific benefits for mantis shrimp? I'm fairly new to them and never heard about selcon for them. I have a g.smithii that's been getting selcon anyway. I got it for my reef tank but have been soaking her food in it too.


Selcon is good for the animals overall health color and disease prevention, whether it affects shell rot is yet to be known...

If I can't replicate my own Selcon then I'll just have to make my own supplement nutrient booster.


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The recipe provided in post #2 above is provided by the now retired professor Patrick Sorgeloos of the Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Centre.
For reference you can view his bibliography here
It was used extensively until the Selco's and Algamac's came into economical commercial range for aquaculture ventures.

You can also do one of the modified "JUICE" formula, one of which is found below. Modified Moe's Media (Martin Moe)
•Tomato or vegetable juice (240 ml)
enriched brewer’s yeast (10 grams)
•liquid vitamin C (1 ml)
•liquid vitamin B complex (2 ml),and
•flax seed oil (rich in omega-6 and omega-3 FA) (5 ml)

These ingredients were combined and blended for two minutes.Then,artificial sea water (30 ppt) was added until the total volume ofthe mixture was one litre.This largervolume offeed was blended for two more minutes.


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I forgot to mention that I didn't have good results personally with the MMM formula as it is, and I suspect it's because there is no emulsifier for the liquids in the formula.
Artemia filter feed by capturing appropriately sized particles with their appendages rather than filtering out water intake say like a clam would do.
As such, unless the liquids are emulsified, there is no particulate matter to capture.
As an experiment I used egg yolk to emulsify the formula and that appeared to work a lot better. This was anecdotal observation not studied through proper testing as I didn't stick with this formula long before going to the Patrick Sorgeloos formula.
Neither mix stores well long term in the fridge so if you use it, don't make up much at a time.