What Made You Start?


Mangroves are kool.
Advance freshwater getting boring (discus, plants, tropical, etc.) so i decide to take the plunge.


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I had a girlfriend that had a fish only saltwater tank that I watched for hours. When I could afford one I took the plunge.


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I have no use for money or time so i got a reef tank

Actually, my uncle had fish only and reef tanks when i was a little kid, and i always loved them, but my dad bought into the whole salt water is harder to keep and too expensive so we never tried. Later on my uncle helped me set up a 75 gallon saltwater fish only with some old reefing equipment he had laying around and the rest is history.

triple j

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My grandfather started me with freshwater when I was young, and have had freshwater tanks ever since ( community tanks, african chiclids, oscars ect). Always looked at the saltwater fish whenever I was in pet stores. Then I finally decided I had way too much money lol. and decided to try salt water fish, then live rock, then corals and now I dont have way too much money any more. again lol


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a 25$ 55gal with wet dry setup I got from a garage sale.

Man if I could only turn back time the cash I would have!


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i seen a reef set-up at a pet shop and was very impressed and my friends said i couldn't keep salt, they said it was too hard. Ha!
maybe they were right?
also the shedd, that kicked me into high gear.


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So I have no money or time left over for any truly self-destructive past times like spending time with friends and family, furthering my education or developing my career.


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My wife bought me a 5 gallon all in one freshwater tank for my home office 4 years ago. When I visited the LFS I couldn't help but notice that the fish in the back were much cooler.

Now my office is my daughters room and I have a 180 in my room.

Duff Man

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I would always gravitate towards the fish tanks when we would go to the pet store toget dog/cat food. So, about one year ago, she bought me a Saltwater for Dummies and a Freshwater for Dummies book for my birthday as a "choose your B-Day present". We went to Exotic Aquatics the next day to check out fish and I decided it would be saltwater. With my birthday coming up very soon, tonight she asked for gift ideas and prefaced it by saying that it can't cost as much as the tank cost.


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Did Cichlids for years. About 4 years ago asked the LFS how much a full 75gal reef would cost, the answer $4000. So I kept doing cichlids. Then 1.5 years ago the display Nano at the LFS just keep getting my attention. So much going on compared to my boring old cichlids and for only $600.

I now have a 24g nano and 40 gal reef plus I'm building a 75g reef. Let's see with lights, skimmer, pumps, power heads, chiller, reactors, LR etc.. Original price was a low ball :D

msu spartan

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when i went scuba diving in the bahamas i thought it was really cool, and wanted to have some fish in my tank

i always had some freshwater, but they werent very exciting, ;) so i went to SW