cycling question


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so im restarting my tank :)
ive let my live rocks now cycle for 3 or 4 weeks?
i was thinking of going sandless, but as of the past few days ive decided I AM GOING TO ADD SAND.

so will adding the live sand from petco make me restart my entire cycle? or once i add the sand and the live rocks back in... will my cycle only take a few days?


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hummm, where are you at in your cycle?? you might get some die off from it..not real sure though, if you do yeah it might push your cycle forward a bit, but it would also give you a stronger bacteria I don't think you have anything to worry about IMO


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ok nice thanks! think i will add sand after all :)
maybe ill let it cycle for a bit longer after i add the sand than i first thought :0)


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If your tank has been cycling for a month with LR it sould be cycled enough. IMO i dont use live sand. Too many possible bacteria and like mentioned before die off. I always start with a DSB and let the LR do all the work. But some swear by the Live Sand.


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It's usually a total waste of money to buy "live" sand. That stuff sits in a bag on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere and then who knows how long at the pet store. There isn't much alive in that bag by the time you get it. Buy yourself a bag of good Aragonite sand and rinse it well. Let it soak in some saltwater after it's well rinsed. Go to Walmart and get a nice, new long necked funnel in the automotive department. Attach some vinyl hose to the funnel long enough to reach the bottom of your tank. You can direct wet sand anywhere you want it without stirring up a big cloud. Be careful not to add too much sand. Under two inches is fine.