Meeting Oct 26th set :)


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Hello WCR,

Just talked personally with Jason at Fishpros yesterday about the meeting. We are confirmed for Oct 26th from 11:30am - 3pm.

8492 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati, CA
(707) 792-4456

Please verify if you will be able to make. Im pretty excited since its been awhile since I have been in there. With the store making a turn around a lot of reefers have been talking positive about them.

As usual this will be a pot luck lunch so if you can contribute please do. Along with the our ever popular raffle! If anyone has any questions please feel free to post. Thanks :)


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That's great.

I'll be there!

The store is really looking better. I just got a nice chubby yellow eyed Kole Tang from them.


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I'll be there. Does anyone have a fold up table that they can bring? Or maybe even two tables? We need one for the snacks/food and one for the frags?

As far as snacks if people can list what they can bring that would be appreciated.

I'll bring some chips/dip and some sodas.

As far as frags, I'll bring:

Purple haze monti 1 and 1 for Walruskisses
Space monster frag
Kind midas
blow pops
Goblins fire
australian Blue xenia (jake)
Pulsing zenia (jake)
some hawaiian palys I'll get better idea the next couple days.


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I'm scheduled to finish work at 11 am so ill try to make it then I'll see if I can pick up something at foodmaxx if I can make it.


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I will be laying sod all day in my yard so I will be missing this one.. Catch you guys on the next one..


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Sorry, with my move to Berkeley, we are still moving so won't be able to make it.

Need to move my 150 gal tank this weekend! :(

If someone is coming to Walnut Creek, I can try to get you frags to take to mewtup. Otherwise, sorry!


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Anyone want to come out Friday evening, you can help take Miyagi tort frags and undata, and other frags up to meetup.