Pipefish question?


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I am wanting to get a couple blue striped pipe fish but I am afraid my tank is to new. Can I feed them live pods while my tank matures?

Ralph ATL

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I would wait until your system is mature enough to supple pods, and then you can still supplement pods as needed.


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I've got bluestripes, I collected several prs while diving in HI, they all eat frozen cyclops and refrigerated arctipods. It took about a week to get them to eat frozen, but they all do fine on them. I have my best pr (they regularly lay eggs and are out in front all the time) in a 29 gal nano with several pygmy angels and some wrasses and butterflies and the native population of pods is lacking.

Paul B

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I give my blue stripes live new born brine every day as I do to all my small fish. They also have spawned every few weeks
They eat all day and like continous food as they have the same dijestive system as seahorses which means they can't store food, not having a real stomach.
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You might be able to get them on frozen pretty quick. In my experience they are the most likely pipefish to take frozen.


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Can blue stripes handle an sps reef tank?
I just read somewhere that bluestripes are great swimmers and can handle quite a bit of flow so would think the answer would be yes, if the flow isn't too outrageous.

Ralph ATL

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it's almost time to remove my yellow tang anyway (as soon as I figure out how that is), but in the meantime my dragonface pipes are "under ever bodies radar" in that no one messes with them. Best guess on the Blue Stripes? Will they also be "under the radar" when it comes to territory?