table Kelp for an Iodine Supplement?


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Has anyone tried Sea Kelp as a source of natural iodine? this seems like a good idea as it is natural and abundent in the sea and high in Iodine.

I would like to dose it but Who knows Where and how Luguls gets it solution but i have been tooo afraid to use it due to many horror stories.

please advise, all opinions welcomed

thanx guys


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I would try it in a test environment, use like a 20 gallon and take some frags from your main tank. Use very small doses and wait awhile to see what happens. Then up the amounts every so often. Take good notes. All these products started out the same way, TEST...TEST...TEST
Good luck


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Kelp has it bound up and would only work as a dietary supplement, not a tank additive. As a tank additive, the kelp would have to break down to release any iodine and that would yield far more organic pollution than iodine.