Montipora cap question


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Can you dip monti caps in iodine? We bought one tonight and in the bag with it was some snails that dont look like the good kinds and I figured lugols would kill them if this can be dipped.
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Any sps IMO should be dipped, whatever ur specific dip of preference but certainly dip to avoid pests.


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Thanks for the reply. My wife had to acclimate and dip the coral last night while I was at work. I was not sure how long to do the dip but she did dip it for a couple of minutes and found what she thinks was a spider, going by pics on here.


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Go ahead, I have done a TMPCC dip quite a few times on a cap of mine, however, I think i could dip my caps in the toilet and they would live.


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You know, there are desirable things that come on corals sometimes too ;)

Would have hated to see what a dip would do to the 2 coral-living brittle stars that came in on a monti ... or any of the crabs I've had come in on SPS.

Given iodine dips [IMO] are not very effective against monti-nudis [which would be the only monti-associated pest I know of] ... I wouldn't dip.

I've also found Montipora to be generally less tolerant of iodine-based dips ... IME I've had them loose color and stress a lot more than other sps-types in the same dip.