SFVR September potluck meeting !!!!!


broke but happy
I hope everyone had a great summer*
It's time for another potluck !!!!

We invited Ryan from real good solar to present to the club*
Specially now that the electric prices are going up and reef tank consume
So much electricity .

This a great way to find out about solar without any pressure on signing*

September 15,2012

Bullitr Lawrence house*
Pm me for location*

3:00 to ... ?*

As always I am serving my Pinoy style BBQ ...

Brent ( Chefzilla always have something good )

So bring your favorite dish and join us.

Welcome to member and non member*

I will be donating a very bright yellow anemone for the member raffle !!


Active member
I'm bringing chicken taquitos and bean taquitos with salsas, mild, medium and stupid hot! (Im talking really stupid hot!, Kelly,Nico?) I will be bringing the stuff donated by Dr Tim last meeting as well as a few other things. As well we always welcome non members to sign up.


broke but happy
Come on guys
We all know your electric bill is going up this is a great way to find out about solar without getting pressure ...


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Cory and Justin, ya'll gotta make it out! Good times will be had watching Kelly try to eat some HOT salsa for a free frag! Haha


Team RC
Supposed to be in Vegas with my son for baseball 14-16 but he's a little dinged up and might not be able to go. Will find out after Dr appt Wednesday. If we don't go I am down for this. Will let you know in a few days and find out what I need to bring.

Would also like to hear more about solar without the pressure!