• She hates it.

    Votes: 23 11.0%
  • She loves it.

    Votes: 47 22.5%
  • She doesnt care either way.

    Votes: 63 30.1%
  • I do what I want either way.

    Votes: 32 15.3%
  • What wife?

    Votes: 18 8.6%
  • I cant vote right now I hear her coming!!

    Votes: 26 12.4%

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Arthur Curry

In Memoriam
Does your wife support you in your reef keeping and spendiing all of the household finances on your hobby ?:celeb3:
Does she hate all the time you put into your hobby?:uzi:


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My wife decided a long time ago that I have WAY TOO MANY expensive hobbies and this is just one more in the list...


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My wife bought me my first tank when we were going out as kids, 20 years ago. So now I just blame her. I always tell her "hey you were the one that got me into this hobby" lol :)


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My wife loves the tank, doesn't mind the time spent, but hates the amount of money spent...didn't see that option in the poll. ;)


Team RC
My soon-to-be wife actually suggested to set up a salwater tank after a trip to the LFS. She originally wanted freshwater. I've had freshwater all my life until we moved into our current house and had kinda grown bored of the artificial nature of the tanks(although that was probably more on me than than anything). I am now in the planning stage for a 90 gal mixed reef tank. She is very supportive although as the costs rise we will see. Do we have to feed everybody at the wedding? Lol

T Diddy

Slayer of Mice
" You need to spend how much?? I thought you said you were done with the big purchases!"

As long as I am not trying to buy something new every week, I don't get hassled too much. I think the most important thing you can do to keep em happy is to make sure that the tank is always in good shape. It is hard to justify spending lots of money on an eye sore.


New member
At first she did not want it
Now 3 years later she is a officer in our local club and wants more tanks currently have a 150 and a 24 setting up a 180 room divider and she keeps asking when are you setting up a frag tank and I want this tank and that tank :)
I guess some people would say I am one lucky man :)

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She loves the tank and the livestock and she loves that it keeps me out of her hair, but she hates the money we put into it.

So I abide by the "20 dollar" rule. Even though she knows that whatever I bring home costs more then $20, that's what I tell her and that's what she believes.


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Separate checking accounts here.
Makes what I spend MY money on a non-issue and vice-versa.

She does like the tank though.


SWFMAS Event Coordinator
She left. How else do you think I could have ended up with not one, but two 300 gallon tanks in the house (and 2, 67 mustangs in the garage)??

Ann Marie

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My HUSBAND doesn't seem to mind too much. He likes the sympathetic looks when people find out how many tanks I have. :)


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My wife's amazing! She never complains and has her own 55 gallon hex. Never mind that all she does to the tank is feed the two fish she has in it. I have to take care of everything but I don't mind, because she doesn't mind!

Alex T.

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My wife doesn't really care for the tank either way, but the deal I made when I set up and stocked my 150 was that I would quit smoking. I smoked a pack per day at $8 per pack which was roughly $240 per month. I spend far less on monthly maintenance and saving for new gadgets.

Like I was saying, she personally doesn't care for the tank, but loves that it's cheaper and healthier than smoking, so never really complains when the credit card bill comes.


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My wife likes the tank, calls it her "television". She choses the corals and fish, does some of the research on them, and I agree whether or not we can ultimately have it.. The wartskin angler was a no-go.......

I do all the work and she chooses the corals and fish.